Street Maintenance Projects

Chip and Seal Work - 2021

Project map coming soon. Details will be posted here once available.

  • Fleet St.:  Melrose Place to Camden St.
  • Stratford Ln.:  England Blvd. to Camden St.
  • Sheffield Dr.:  England Blvd. to Camden St.
  • Kingsbury Pl:  Saxony Pl. to Camden St.
  • Knightbridge Ln.:  Saxony Pl. to Camden St.
  • Concord Dr.:  Camden St. to end (alley)
  • Camden St.:  Flynn Ln. to Concord Dr.
  • Canterbury Ln:  Fleet St. to Kingsbury Pl.
  • Manchester Pl.:  Kingsbury Pl. to Concord Dr.
  • Saxony Pl.:  Kingsbury Pl. to Connery Way
  • Lancaster Rd.:  England Blvd. to Connery Way
  • Lexington Ave.:  England Blvd. to Connery Way
  • Standish Way:  Concord Dr. to Connery Way
  • Soho:  Connery Way to end (alley)
  • Connery Way:  Saxony Pl. to England Blvd.
  • Stratford Ln.:  Melrose Pl. to England Blvd.
  • Fleet St.:  Melrose Pl. to England Blvd.
  • Melrose Pl.:  Fleet St. to Connery Way
  • 34th St.:  Russell St. to Eaton St./Brooks St.
  • Arrowhead Dr.:  Cohossett Dr. to Tahoe Dr.
  • Cohossett Dr.:  Arrowhead Dr. to Saranac Dr.
  • Saranac Dr.:  Wapikiya Dr. to end (cul-de-sac)

  • Tahoe Dr.:  Arrowhead Dr. to Saranac Dr.
  • Wapikiya Dr.:  Arrowhead Dr. to Tahoe Dr.
  • Bulwer St.:  Cooley St. to Toole Ave.
  • Ernest Ave.:  Paxson St. to Schilling St.
  • Maple St.:  N. Russell St. to Broadway St.
  • E. Spruce St.:  Madison Ave. to Jefferson St.
  • W. Spruce St.:  Orange St. to Scott St.
  • 23rd St.:  Hillview Way to 55th St.
  • 55th St.:  Hillview Way to 23rd St.
  • Hillview Way:  23rd St. to 55th St.
  • Missoula Ave:  Van Buren St. to Lolo St.
  • Ben Hogan Dr.:  Whitaker Dr. to Highland Park
  • High Park Way:  39th St. to Whitaker Dr.
  • Lower Miller Creek Rd.:  Christian Dr. to south end at city limits
  • N. Russell St.:  W. Broadway St. to W. Railroad St
  • South Ave.:  Reserve St. to Johnson St.
  • Pattee Canyon Dr.:  SW Higgins Ave. to east to city limits
  • Reserve St.:  Briggs St. to 39th St.
  • 3rd St.:  Russell St. to Orange St.
  • Dore Ln:  Brooks St. to McDonald Ave.
  • Briggs St.:  Miller Creek Rd. to end

Milling and Paving Projects

See the City's Community Investment Projects (CIP) Map for more infrastructure projects.

High Park Way—39th St. to Whitaker Dr.—Completed

Dates:  May 12 through 24, weather permitting

We ask area residents and other drivers to:

  • Drive slowly and safely.
  • Watch for intermittent detours.
  • Watch for flaggers and follow their directives.
  • Use an alternate route when possible.

Project Description:  Milling machine will be used to remove asphalt. Paving will begin after milling is completed. Striping will be replaced once weather conditions are warm enough.


Other Milling and Paving Projects 

Details on these projects will be provided once available. Also, this list could change once work begins. 

  • Ben Hogan Dr.:  Broadview Place to Highland Park Dr.—Completed
  • North Ave.:  26th St. to Reserve St.
  • 26th St.:  North Ave. to Central Ave.
  • W. Central Ave.: Central Ave. to Reserve St.
  • Missoula Ave.:  Van Buren St. to Lolo St.—Completed

Intermittent Milling, Paving, and Overlay Projects

Work on these streets will be done in areas that are most in need of repair, so an entire street may not have work done on it. The type of work completed on a street will depend on what is most appropriate for addressing the pavement issue.

  • Rattlesnake Dr.:  Lolo St. to Creek Crossing Rd.
  • Lincoln Hills Dr.:  Rattlesnake Dr. to Columbine Rd.
  • Cohosset Dr.:  Wapikiya Dr. to Saranac Dr.
  • Arrowhead Dr.:  Cohosset Dr. to Tahoe Dr.
  • Myrtle St./3rd St. (crosswalk improvements) 
  • Linda Vista Blvd.:  Paul Ln. to Scott Allen Dr.
  • Scott Allen Dr.:  Linda Vista Blvd. to Alisha Dr.
  • Howell St. (south 1/2 of street) 1 ADA:  Holmes St. to Mitchell St.
  • Maple St.:  N. Russell St. to W. Broadway St.
  • Mount Ave.:  from Brooks St. to Bow St.
  • Shakespeare St.:  from Phillips St. to Defoe St.
  • Schilling St. (Greenway):  South Ave. to 3rd St.
  • Higgins Ave.:  University Ave. to Brooks St. (after July 1) 

High Park Way—Mill & Pave Project Map

High Park Map