2020-21 Public Works Standards & Specifications Manual

NOTE—This version of the Missoula City Public Works Standards & Specifications Manual (MCPWSS) was in effect from November 18, 2020, until November 30, 2021. All projects with Stage 3 of the Public Infrastructure Review Stage Process submitted during this timeframe may continue to follow the standards and specifications, stage checklists, and standard drawings for this manual version, or the project engineers may follow the newest version of the manual if they so choose.

Projects with Stage 3 submitted before November 18, 2020, will continue to follow the previous standards and specifications versions and stage checklists in place before the MCPWSS was in effect. They can be found on the Development Services web pages here.

Projects with Stage 3 submitted after November 30, 2021, must follow the current version of the MCPWSS, which is located here.


Chapter 1 – General Provisions (chapter text expected in mid-2022)

Appendix 1-A – Definitions

Chapter 2 – Construction Within the Right-of-Way (no chapter text before Dec. 1, 2021)

Appendix 2-A – Standard Modifications to MPWSS
Appendix 2-B – Standard Drawings—See also individual chapters for related drawings
Appendix 2-C – Services in Right-of-Way Request

Chapter 3 – Improvement Plans

Appendix 3-A – Site Plan Checklists (Commercial & Residential)
Appendix 3-B – Public Infrastructure Review – Stage Process Checklists
Appendix 3-C – MFE Packet Requirements
Appendix 3-D – PIRSP Roadmap

Chapter 4 – Water System

Appendix 4-A – Cross-Connection/Backflow Protection Program
Appendix 4-B – Water Ditch Card Template
Appendix 4-C – Allowable Non-Storm Water Discharges Policy

Chapter 5 – Sanitary Sewer System

Appendix 5-A – 2014 City of Missoula STEP Manual
Appendix 5-B – FOG Sector Control Program
Appendix 5-C – Grease Interceptor Sizing Worksheet
Appendix 5-D – Sewer Ditch Card Template

Chapter 6 – Storm Water System

Appendix 6-A – Storm Water Management Site Plan Review Checklist (updated 10-13-2021)
Appendix 6-B – Storm Water Site Evaluation Form (updated 10-12-2021)
Appendix 6-C – Storm Water Drainage Report Content
Appendix 6-D – Storm Water Facility Maintenance Agreement
Appendix 6-E – Operation and Maintenance Manual
Appendix 6-F – Test Pit Infiltration Test Method

Chapter 7 – Transportation System

Chapter 8 – Erosion Control

Appendix 8-A – City Storm Water Compliance Permits Flow Chart
Appendix 8-B – Storm Water Permit
Appendix 8-C – Erosion Control Site Plan Review Checklist
Appendix 8-D – Storm Water Site Evaluation Form
Appendix 8-E – Construction Site Inspection Form