The MPD currently has three School Resource Officers (SROs) assigned to the public high schools in the City of Missoula in School District 1.
  • Officer Jeff Lloyd works at Big Sky High
  • Officer Mark Monaco at Sentinel High
  • Officer Jim Johnson at Hellgate High


Officers Rod Swanson and Nathan Mattix work as the Police Departments Community Resource Officers (CROs). Officer Swanson is assigned to Hellgate Elementary and Officer Mattix splits his time between the three District 1 middle schools of C.S. Porter, Meadow Hill, and Washington.

Additionally, they dedicate time each week to spend time in the district's nine grade schools.  

Summer Responsibilities

During the summer when school is not in session these five officers break out the mountain bikes and patrol the parks, trails, and downtown.

The five officers are supervised by the Quality of Life Sergeant, Dustin Delridge.