Street Cleaning

Sweeping Program

The Street Maintenance Division's Sweeping Program runs annually from April through August. Residential streets in the city are swept two times per year and the commercial and downtown streets are swept once a week.View our map to see when we will be in your area

The sweeping program has been put on hold for a few weeks. When we resume we will be in area 4B.

Street Cleaning Map (PDF).

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What Should Residents Do?

  • Please park on the odd number side of the street on odd days and the even number side on even days
  • Please do not put piles of leaves in the street. The street division only picks up leaves in the fall.
  • Trees must be pruned to a minimum of 14' over the street to the inside edge of the curb line (per Missoula Municipal Code 12.32). If your trees do not meet this requirement, they may be trimmed by the city in order to complete the leaf collection.
  • No Leaves Please. The city only collects leaves in the fall.

Winter Sweeping Program

City crews will also perform winter street cleaning when temperatures rise above 32°. The process divides the city's streets into four priority categories. Priority 1 streets will receive cleaning first at the beginning of each occurrence of a temperature change of about 32°. If Priority 1 streets have been swept within one week prior to the most recent occurrence, then sweeping can proceed according to the next priority.

During the month of March, the city will clean all four winter cleaning priorities before proceeding to clean all non-priority routes.

Did You Know?

The City has two different types of Sweepers.

  • A Broom Bear Sweeper is used to pick up larger material and has a conveyor belt that collects debris in a hopper and dumps into a dump truck. This is typically used to sweep sand in Spring.
  • The Conventional Sweeper uses a vacuum to collect smaller debris into a hopper and then it dumps debris out of the back of the sweeper. These sweepers are used during our sweeping program.