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Our Commitment

Missoula's history is filled with dedicated leaders whose vision and careful planning have resulted in a vibrant, prosperous community offering a high quality of life. The Mayor's Office is committed to leading a staff of professionals who work as partners with the City Council and the citizens to continue to make good things happen.

While we have procedures to follow that protect the integrity of the community, we never want to lose touch with the human side of business so we can remain open and accessible to the people we work with and serve. Your comments, suggestions, and insight are always welcome; please call us at 406-552-6001 or send an email.

Schedule a Meeting with the Mayor

To schedule a meeting with the Mayor, please fill out the Schedule Request Form or call 406-552-6001 to request a meeting. Please note that the Mayor's calendar fills fast and we usually schedule at least two weeks out.

Invite the Mayor to an Event

To invite the Mayor to your event, please fill out a Schedule Request Form or call 406-552-6001 to request a paper copy of the form. 

Request the Mayor to Officiate Your Wedding

To invite the Mayor to officiate your wedding, please fill out the Schedule Request Form or call 406-552-6001.  The Mayor does not charge for this service but requests that you make a $200 donation to the Humane Society of Western Montana.