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Posted on: April 20, 2023

Re-cap of the April 20, 2023 MRA Board Meeting

Monthly Board Meeting

The following agenda items were presented, discussed, and voted on at the April 20, 2023 MRA Board Meeting. The next MRA Board meeting will be on May 25, 2023. Items that will be considered will be posted on the agenda at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The public is encouraged to view the agenda and provide comments before or during the meeting if they are interested.

Action Items

Fiscal Year 2022 Audit Report – Request for Acceptance: FY22 Audit Report

4/20/23: MRA Board accepted the FY22 Audit Report

406 Commons - 2101 & 2105 Bow Street and 825 Kent Avenue (URD III / Ward 4) - Request to Proceed Without Prejudice

4/20/23: MRA Board approved the request from the 406 Commons development team to proceed with work on certain project items for the project located at 2101 and 2105 Bow Street and 825 Kent Avenue without precluding those items from being included in a future TIF Program application.

Front Street Apartments - 333-401 East Front Street (Front Street URD / Ward 1) - TIF Request 

4/20/23: MRA Board approved the request for reimbursement from MC Real Estate Development, LLC in an amount not to exceed $257,924 for the removal of two substandard buildings and improvements in the public right of way and Kiwanis Park and authorize the Board Chair to sign the Development Agreement with the condition that no reimbursement shall be paid until the project is complete and final invoices and lien wavers for eligible items have been provided to the MRA staff. Public comments were compiled and delivered the MRA Board and Staff before and during the meeting.

Sleepy Inn - 1427 West Broadway (URD II / Ward 1) - Request to Amend Construction Services Agreement with Three Rivers Landworks

4/20/23: MRA Board authorized the Board Chair to sign the contract amendment with Three Rivers Landworks in the amount of $318,828.65, with the understanding that up to $221,117 will be funded with TIF, contingent upon the Mayor’s approval of the contract amount and Brownfields Program funding increase. 

Non-Action Items

Director's Report

FY23 Budget Status Reports

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