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Domestic Partnership Registry Application and Affidavit

  1. Application and Affidavit Instructions
    Applicants should print this form and sign it in the presence of a a Notary Public before submitting it. Please send the form with original signatures and notary seals. We cannot accept photocopies, faxes or e-mailed forms.
  2. Certificate of Registry & Registration Cards
    If you would like to receive a Certificate of Registry and registration cards to carry in your wallets, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your affidavit.
  3. Public Records Notice
    Your application and affidavit as well as the City's Domestic Partnership Registry may be considered public records and released to 3rd parties if requested.
  4. Application and Affidavit*
    We the above listed persons do hereby swear that we have read the Criteria Required to Register for the City of Missoula Domestic Partnership Registry. We certify that we meet the necessary criteria and are eligible to register for the City of Missoula Domestic Partnership Registry.
  5. Signatures and Notary
  6. Mail or Drop Off Your Application
    Missoula City Clerk, 435 Ryman, Missoula, MT 59802
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