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Spring Applicant Test Registration - March 2, 2024

  1. To register for the next applicant test, please submit the following information. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the testing process. At the end of this form, please choose "Submit and Print" and print this form as the confirmation of registration to participate in the test. Please refrain from contacting the department to confirm your registration.
  2. Direct other questions to:
  3. General Information
  4. This information is used as identification only and will not be collected for any other purpose.
  5. Sex:
  6. Equal Opportunity Employer
  7. The City of Missoula is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. The information you voluntarily provide in this form is collected in compliance with State and Federal law to determine if the Missoula Police Department and the City's selection and hiring practices are discriminating against any group. The information you provide will be separate from the application process and will not be used in making unlawful hiring decisions.
  8. Personal Information
  9. Please check one of the descriptions below corresponding to the ethnic group with which you most identify:
  10. Veteran or Disability Status
  11. If you are claiming preference under Montana Veteran's Public Employment Preference Law (MCA 39-29-101 et. Seq., ARM 2-221-3601) or Montana Persons with Disabilities Employment Preference Act (MCA 39-30-103 et. Seq.), please complete the following. Upon application, written documentation confirming your preference claim will be required.
  12. Veteran's Employment Preference provides the addition of five percentage points (veteran) or 10 percentage points (disabled veteran or handicapped) to the applicant's score when a numerically scored selection procedure is used.

    To claim Veteran's Employment Preference, you must be a U.S. citizen and one of the following:

  13. You may claim Handicapped Persons' Employment Preference as one of the following(check one of the boxes):
  14. Please Note: If you claim a preference, documentation must be provided at the time of application. You do not need to bring your documentation to the Missoula Police Applicant Testing Location.
  15. Thank you for your interest in applying with the City of Missoula Police Department. We wish you success in every step of your application.
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