How does the review process work?

Step 1: Apply for a 420 License - Create an account to apply online and pay your licensing fees. 

Step 2: Upload documents to the commercial building permit record - If you are required to upload additional documents, a commercial building permit (COM) is automatically created when you apply for a 420 License. Upload your change-of-use and/or hazardous material inventory statement (HMIS) documentation to this associated commercial building permit (COM). 

Step 3: City Review - Your application will be reviewed by 6+ different departments. 

Step 4: Pay the fees to get your approved commercial building permit issued - You will receive an email once the commercial building permit is approved with instructions on how to pay the associated fees, then your commercial building permit will be issued. 

Step 5: Pass Inspections - Contact the Fire Department directly (406-522-6210) to schedule your fire inspection. You will additionally need to pass a final building inspection, which can be scheduled via the online portal, and any associated M.E.P inspections. 

Step 6: 420 License is Issued!

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