Bike Skills Features at Syringa and Bellevue Parks

Syringa and Bellevue Bike Skills Parks Project Updates

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Citizen advocacy groups, including Missoula Bike Parks, Friends of Missoula Parks and the We Ride for Tanner Foundation continue to raise funds for the bike skills components of Syringa and Bellevue parks. To date, nearly $100,000 has been privately raised or pledged for the project.

Syringa Park Landscaping Meeting November 1

Earlier this Fall, Parks and Recreation’s Conservation Lands Division seeded a native grass mix in the areas of Syringa Park disturbed by construction.  Residents who would like additional landscaping in the park boundary area adjacent to their residences will be able to select from a list of fast-growing native landscape shrubs prepared by Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation will help select the shrubs, plant them and provide care information.

Learn more about native plants for Syringa Park buffer plantings.

Property owners are invited to an on-site meeting on November 1 to discuss additional park landscaping options. 

Each property owner may choose a 15-minute time slot from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to meet with Parks and Recreation staff. Those who can meet earlier in the evening are encouraged to do so, in order to leave more time slots available for those who work until 5 p.m.

Choose your time slot by responding to this online Doodle poll:

If you are unable to make the November 1 meeting, please contact us at

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Parks and Trails Design/Development Manager Neil Miner at or 552-6264.

October 2018 Project Update: Bike parks to open Spring, 2019

Patterson Enterprises, Inc., a local contractor, is currently constructing bike skills courses and associated site features in Bellevue and Syringa Parks. Patterson has teamed with Progressive Bike Ramps, a bike park builder and ramp company with experience building bike skills parks across the world. 

Contractors are currently awaiting utility hookups at both sites, and vegetation has been planted which needs time to become established before the parks open. Both bike parks are slated to open in Spring 2019.

View the Syringa Bike Park Construction FAQ.

 Learn more about construction at Bellevue Park.

Fundraising continues by Missoula Bike Parks for additional bike skills features at both parks, including a progressive jump line feature at Syringa Park. 

Learn more about the project.

Syringa Park Master Plan

Syringa Park, an undeveloped County park in the upper Rattlesnake, may soon be home to a “pump track”, a few “jump lines” and even some “slopestyle” features, according to the new master park plan adopted by the Missoula Parks and Recreation Board in October, 2016. The park has been designed as a bike park, which includes topographical and man-made elements specifically designed for off-road or mountain biking. Syringa Park is located at 1465 Lower Lincoln Hills Dr.

The master plan was developed with neighborhood residents and the cycling community through an extensive public process and approved by the Park Board. Parks planning staff also consulted with the International Mountain Biking Association’s Trail Solutions Program to help design the park’s bike skills elements. The plan includes features for beginning to advanced cyclists of all ages, a shade shelter with picnic tables and walking paths.

Other park highlights include:

  • A progressive bike skills layout which allows riders to progress through the park, with easy-to-access beginner features moving outward toward more challenging features.
  • A beginner’s pump track, a continuous loop of hills and berms which allows cyclists to perfect their riding skills.  
  • A progressive jump zone for mountain bike and BMX riders of all skill levels.  
  • Intermediate and advanced jump lines to provide non-linear, varied options and routes for riders. 
  • A bicycle work station with basic bike repair tools available for public use.
  • A perimeter walking path, landscaping and water fountain. Several restroom options are addressed in the plan.

The master park plan provides a basis for possible funding allocations from various sources, including City impact fees, federal Land and Water Conservation Funds, state Recreation Trails Program and the City’s Capital Improvement Program.  

Park construction is projected to cost between $322,000 to $385,000, depending on selected design options.  Parks and Recreation will continue to pursue funding for the project. The budget is outlined in the Master Park Plan and Narrative below.

Missoula Parks and Recreation uses a master planning process throughout the park system. Park master plans define a long-term, sustainable vision for parks by helping to identify best uses for a specific site, make the most of limited resources and protect the environment.

Master Park Plan and Narrative

International Mountain Biking Association Concept Report

We Ride For Tanner Foundation

Tanner Olson Memorial BMX Park on Facebook

International Mountain Biking Association

Bike Skills Park Planned At Bellevue Park
Parks and Recreation, along with Missoula County Parks, Trails and Open Lands, began a public process in November, 2015 to design mountain bike skills courses in Syringa and Bellevue parks. As noted above, a Master Park Plan for Syringa Park was adopted in October, 2015. 

Parks planners have designed a draft bike skills park plan for Bellevue Park, located at 3925 Paxson St. Friends of Missoula Parks and the We Ride for Tanner Foundation continue to raise funds for the bike skills components of Syringa and Bellevue parks. The Bellevue master park plan will be implemented as funding becomes available.

Bellevue Bike Park Site Plan

Syringa-Bellevue Open House Presentation, March, 2016