Adopt a Traffic Circle

About Traffic Circles

  • Most local traffic circles were established at the request of the neighborhood property owners. 
  • They were constructed and funded in collaboration with the City of Missoula to provide traffic safety. 
  • Initially, corner property owners volunteered to maintain the landscaping. 
  • Now that many years have passed, the City has established this program to help maintain them. 

View all Traffic Circle locations and current adoptions

Do you live near a traffic circle?

  • Apply to adopt a traffic circle
  • Adopt the traffic circle as an individual or with a group of friends and neighbors,  
  • The commitment is renewable every two years. 

Traffic Circle Grants are available. We will help you make your circle vibrant and lovely!

  • Apply for a Traffic Circle Grant 
  • Traffic Circle Grant Reimbursement Form (PDF)
  • Apply for up to $150 for purchases for your traffic circle, such as plant materials, ooze tubes, etc. 
  • Expenditures must be pre-approved on a grant application before claims are made.
  • The Missoula County Extension is also available to provide assistance with your adoption. The Master Gardeners would love to work with you and make your traffic circle attractive and sustainable. 

Traffic Circle Resources

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