Three Ways to Schedule an Inspection

  1. Text +
  2. Call +
  3. Online +
  1. Text (888) 413-4439
    • To schedule an inspection, text the word: SCHEDULE
    • To cancel an inspection, text the word: CANCEL
    • To view inspection results, text the word: RESULTS
  2. Type the permit number, including the dashes. For example: 2020-MSS-RES-00001
  3. Confirm the site address provided is correct
  4. Enter the inspection code (listed below)
  5. Follow the prompts to specify the date of inspection, preferred time (AM, PM, or anytime)
  6. Leave comments such as how to access the property or area, request a 30 minute warning before the inspector arrives, or provide contact information for the on-site person/homeowner.

Building Inspection Codes

DivisionInspection Codes
BUILDING110 Footing and Slab

115 Monolithic Slab

120 Foundation

125 Foundation Drain

127 Foundation Dampproofing 

130 Under Floor

135 Shear Wall and Ext. Nailing

140 Framing

150 Insulation

160 Drywall and Plaster

165 Ceiling Grid

170 Roofing Underlayment (Note: Use 190 for Roof Final)

175 Siding

190 Final Building 
ELECTRICAL210 Temporary Service

220 Underground

230 Service (Provisional)
240 Mobile Home Electrical

260 Sign

265 Ceiling Grid

270 Outdoor Lighting and Light Pole Base

290 Final Electrical
PLUMBING320 Underground

340 Rough Plumbing

345 Medical Gas

350 Water Piping Insulation

360 Gray Water

365 Ceiling Grid

390 Final Plumbing
MECHANICAL410 Ductwork Pre-Insulation

420 Underground

430 Wood Burning Appliance

440 Rough Mechanical

450 Gas Piping

455 Mechanical Equipment

460 Gas/Mechanical Meter Set

465 Ceiling Grid

470 A/C and Refrigeration
DEMOLITION590 Demolition Final
MOVING690 Moving Final

Fire Inspection Codes

DivisionInspection Codes
FIRE DEPARTMENTContact the Fire Department directly to schedule.
Visit their inspection webpage.

Utility Engineering/ Site work Inspection Codes

DivisionInspection Codes
ACCESSIBILITY700 Site Inspection

790 Final Inspection
FENCING800 Site Inspection

890 Final Inspection
GRADING900 Site Inspection

990 Final Inspection
PAVING1000 Site Inspection

1090 Final Inspection

1190 Final Inspection
RIGHT-OF-WAY USE1200 Site Inspection

1290 Final Inspection
EXCAVATION1300 Traffic Control Inspection

1310 Worksite Inspection

1320 Asphalt Prep Inspection

1330 Asphalt Final Inspection

1340 Concrete Inspection
SANITARY SEWER1400 Traffic Control Inspection

1410 Worksite Inspection

1420 Asphalt Prep Inspection 

1430 Asphalt Final Inspection

1440 Concrete Inspection
STORM SEWER1500 Traffic Control Inspection

1510 Pipe Insulation 

1520 Asphalt Prep Inspection 

1530 Asphalt Final Inspection

1540 Concrete Inspection 
WATER1600 Traffic Control Inspection

1610 Pipe Inspection

1620 Asphalt Prep Inspection

1630 Asphalt Final Inspection

1640 Concrete Inspection

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