Development Data

Data Collected

The City of Missoula compiles information about residential and commercial new construction and remodels permitted each month throughout our fiscal year which runs from July 1st to June 30th.  The number of building permits issued for each building type is collected as well as the number of associated dwelling or commercial units each permit will result in.  

This data is derived from our permitting platform which is used to manage the review and approval of building permits. Three reports are created from this information throughout the year:  a detailed monthly development report, a quarterly development snapshot and a calendar year development summary report (all linked below).

An interactive Missoula Development Dashboard may be accessed by visiting the Missoula County - Missoula Development Dashboard:  Data Page Missoula County Opens in new window Data Dashboard

Monthly Development Report

202302 Development Report

Quarterly Development Snapshot

FY23 2nd Quarter Development Report

Calendar Year Development Summary

2022 Development Year End Review

Additional Reports

 View all reports detailed Monthly Development Reports back to January 2010. Reports prior to January 2010 are also available.

View all quarterly summary reports back to the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2022. 

Commercial and Residential Building Permit Activity

This report lists building permits with addresses, work description, and value of work. The current report is updated weekly and previous months are also available. Visit our Ebiz website to search for permits by address or type.

Fiscal Year to Date Building Permit Snapshot (Fiscal Year July 1st to June 30th)

202302 YTD Dwelling Units Permitted202302 YTD Building Permits Issued