Administrative Review Processes

The following project types are evaluated for completeness by Current Planning Staff, then reviewed for the criteria in Municipal Zoning Code Title 20 and approved, denied, or approved with conditions by the Zoning Officer. These findings will be included in a report and/or letter to the applicant.

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A Subdivision Exemption Affidavit, or SEA, allows for the exemption of certain divisions or aggregations of land from the full subdivision review process and fees, but which are still subject to survey requirements and zoning regulations.

The exemptions are provided under State Law (MCA 76-3-201, MCA 76-3-207).

The Current Planning and Land Use Division reviews an application for completeness and compliance with Municipal Zoning Code, Title 20, and other applicable land use rules and regulations.

Download the Subdivision Exemption Submittal Affidavit Application and Checklist.