Demolition Permits

When do I need a demolition permit?

Demolition Permit(s) (20YY-MSS-DEM-#####) are required:

  • When an entire structure is being demolished. There are some exceptions for storage areas that have no utlity or power connections: 
    • Excluding, non-occupiable, non-vehicle storage, residential structures under 200 sqft.
    • Excluding, non occupiable, non-vehicle storage, commercial structures under 120 sqft.
  • For each structure being demolished on a lot. For example, applicants would need one permit for a house and one permit for the detached garage.
  • For mobile homes on a permanent foundation. Mobile homes may not require a demo permit, but do require permits for utility disconnections.
  • When partial demo work is occurring prior to the issuance of a building permit. For example, if you want to demo the interior of a space while your building permit is in review.
    •  Partial demolition of an existing structure or unit that will occur as part of a residential or commercial building permit typically does not require a separate demo permit if all work will occur after the building permit is issued

How to Apply for a Demolition Permit

  1. Complete a demolition permit application
  2. A site plan indicating what structure(s) are being demoed is highly encouraged. You can take a screenshot or print an overhead view of the property from the Missoula County Property Information System. 
  3. Submit application to or drop the application off at CPDI.
  4. Departments will review and approve your application.
    • All structures with existing city utility connections (sewer and water) must have permits to abandon services issued and inspected prior to demolition permit approval.
    • All structures must have energy and gas utility suppliers review and approve the disconnects to the property prior to demolition permit approval.
  5. Once approved, Permit & Business License Coordinators will work with the applicant to pay and issue the permit.