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Residential Parking Permit Program Application

  1. Residential Parking Permit Application
  2. The Program
    In September 1986, the Missoula City Council adopted the University Area Residential Permit Parking Program in the area immediately surrounding the campus of The University of Montana. The purpose of this District was to ensure safety for its residents and to reduce serious parking overload problems. After the residential parking district was created, the authority to establish such a district and its constitutionality was challenged by ASUM et al. On 10-21-93, the Montana Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City and confirmed the City’s position.
  3. This form is intended for residents of the Residential Parking Permit area interested in acquiring permits for fiscal year 2023.

  4. Select the permit(s) you are applying for:*
  5. If you are a homeowner attach a copy of the following:
    1. Current vehicle registration
  6. 2. Photo Identification i.e. driver's license
  7. 3. If you are new to the program and applying for the first time, please attach a recent utility bill or bank statement showing your name and address in the RPP area. If you have received a permit in the past, you do not need to submit these documents
  8. Limit: 2 visitor permits per homeowner household
  9. If you are a renter attach a copy of the following:
    1. Current vehicle registration
  10. 2. Photo identification i.e. driver's license
  11. 3. Recent utility bill or bank statement showing your name and address in the RPP area. **If you recently moved in and are waiting to receive one of these items, a lease agreement will be accepted for a 30-day temporary permit.
  12. Limit: 1 visitor permit per renter household
  13. The Parking Commission reserves the right to require additional documentation. The vehicle registration must be registered in the home owner or renters name. Visitor permits do not require vehicle registration. All outstanding tickets must be paid before permits will be issued. Tickets can be paid online at or by calling our office at (406) 552-6250. If your vehicle's license plate changes after you have purchased a permit, please contact the Parking Commission office. Your license plate is your permit and we must have current information.
  14. The RPPP restrictions apply only on weekdays (Monday - Friday) excluding Montana state observed holidays from 8:00am-5:00pm for the entire year.
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  16. All other parking regulations will be enforced in the RPPP. i.e yellow zone, crosswalk, and wrong directions
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  18. Visitor permits must be place on driver's side dashboard. Failure to display permit as stated will result in a $20.00 citation.
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  20. Visitor permits are not to be given to non-RPPP resident students to attend the university.
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  22. The Parking Commission reserves the right to refuse issuing RPPP permits or visitor permits. Additionally the Parking Commission reserves the right to cancel any permit for any reason at any time.
    Thank you for your cooperation. Payment is not required at the time of submission. The Parking Commission Administrative Team will review your submission and respond via email within 24 business hours to request any additional information and/or to collect payment.
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