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Parks Refund Request


  2. Refund Request - Canceled or Postponed Program

    Thanks for choosing Parks and Recreation or Currents Aquatics Center. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging times. Questions or concerns? Use the box below, call 721-7275, or email

  3. Canceled Program: Refund or Credit

    If your program was canceled, your Parks and Recreation account has been automatically credited for the full amount of your registration fee. No further action is needed. IF YOU PREFER A REFUND for a canceled program, check the refund box above.

  4. Rescheduled program: Refund or Credit

    If your program was rescheduled, you may choose to leave your registration in place for the new start date, or you may request a credit or refund, with no administrative fee.

  5. Active Program: Credit or Refund

    If Parks and Recreation has NOT canceled your program, you may withdraw and request a credit on account, with no administrative fee. Refunds incur a $10 processing fee.

  6. You may donate any portion of your registration fee to Share The Fun Aquatics and Recreation grants for families who need financial assistance. Choose an option above or at left to tell us what do to with the remaining balance.

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