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Missoula Hate Crime and Bias Incident Report

  1. This form is intended to obtain information about and/or to report incidents occurring in our community. Third party or anonymous complaints will be accepted, but please be aware that anonymous complaints can sometimes be difficult to investigate as an investigator may need additional information and the complainant may be the only source available. For this reason, please consider providing contact information when submitting your complaint.

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  4. Does the victim want contact from an official?
  5. Do you want contact from an official?

  6. The incident was or appeared to be:
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  7. You believe the incident was because of:
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  8. To your knowledge, was this incident reported to any police agency?
  9. If so, which agency?

  10. Thank you for taking the time to step up and help us combat hate crimes and bias incidents in Missoula.
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